Christmas 2020 / How to use technology to attach with family ?

Christmas 2020 / How to use technology to attach with family ?


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Christmas 2020 / How to use technology to attach with family ?

Thanks you to a particular virus, Christmas in 2020 goes to be quite different to previous years, and there’s an honest chance you’ll miss out on visiting relatives’ houses or meeting up for a few nice wine on the day itself.

If there’s one bright side, though, it’s that this pandemic is occurring during a time when we’re all digitally fluent, a minimum of to a particular extent, and therefore the re are ways to remain connected and in-tuned using our technology and the internet.

To help you’re taking your Christmas dinner online, or make video chatting and playing games even easier, we’ve written up this guide the simplest ways to use tech to enhance the day.

Whatever your holiday situation, and however confident you’re using technology, hopefully there’ll be advice here you discover useful.


¤ Improving video chat over dinner :

If you were getting to have Christmas lunch or dinner with family but can’t now, there’s an honest chance you’ve been considering hopping on video chat for the meal to urge some semblance of togetherness.

Christmas 2020 / How to use technology to attach with family ?

Well, there are a couple of ways to form that even easier.

Firstly, we’d recommend employing a laptop or tablet for the video chat rather than a smartphone, because the bigger screen will make the opposite person or people easier to ascertain by everyone at your table.

If you don’t know which program to use for the decision, we’ve got a roundup of great Skype alternatives here.

If you have only got a smartphone, it’s totally possible to use that for video calling too, and we have got a guide to the way to do this here.

Video calling are often very battery-intensive for a tool, so confirm you retain your chosen gadget plugged in while you are doing.

That’s very true if you would like to shop for a webcam to use.

Christmas 2020 / How to use technology to attach with family ?

Something else you would possibly want to think about buying, especially if there’ll be multiple people over your table, may be a microphone. Most gadgets have short-ranged mics, therefore the person you’re video calling might only be ready to hear the people nearest the screen.

If you purchase a microphone, you’ll set it up within the center of the table so all are often heard equally.

Just remember if you’re on a tablet or smartphone, it can often be impossible to separate audio input and output (this means your device will attempt to play audio through the microphone, which doesn’t have a speaker, then wouldn’t work).

So only use a microphone with a computer, so you’ll set the mic to only be used for audio inputs.

If you’ve got a speaker you’ll also consider plugging that into your laptop, because the audio device likely goes tons louder than the built-in one on your computer.

This way, it’ll be easier for everybody to listen to the video call guest.


¤ Watching movies and streaming music together :

Another Christmas tradition is to consume much festive entertainment together, whether that’s watching a vacation movie or television program, or taking note of the winter hits.

Some streaming apps allow you to do that with people in several places.

Listening to music together is straightforward, and we’ve got a guide to social listening — this lets people on different devices all play music together at an equivalent time.

This means your relatives can sync up Christmas tunes at precisely the same moment.

Someone needs Spotify Premium to use this platform, but that doesn’t cost much, and everybody else in your family can then take part without having to pay extra.

For movies and television, it’s very easy to sync up streaming services to play at an equivalent time as people — and no, we don’t mean by trying to hit ‘play’ at an equivalent time.

Christmas 2020 / How to use technology to attach with family ?

Amazon Prime TV has Watch Party, which you’ll use to sync up playback from various users, and Netflix works with Teleparty (previously called Netflix Party) to try to an equivalent.

Disney Plus has it’s own built in co-watching functions, too.

So what to watch? Well we’ve got round-ups to the simplest Netflix Christmas movies and best Christmas movies overall, with more guides to return.

Every streaming service offers many festival movies and television shows (as well as non-Christmas-related ones too, of course), so there’s an enormous selection out there.

Got a specific choice you would like to observe, but don’t know how? A handy tool is JustWatch which allows you to determine which services offer it.


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¤ Virtual party games :

For many families, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without playing many games, and that’s possible through the wondrous powers of the web.

Christmas 2020 / How to use technology to attach with family ?

If your family or friendship group doesn’t have many tech to spare, there are some really simple smartphone games to play on an equivalent or separate phones which may bring some joy. We’ve got a round-up of them here.

We’ve also got guides on the way to play board games, the way to play card games, and the way to play Cards Against Humanity, all of them online or via your mobile device, so you’ll enjoy a number of your favorite Christmas traditions online.

For video game-loving families, where everyone has access to gaming PCs or consoles, we’ve got a round-up of the simplest co-op games you’ll play, though these won’t be suitable for tech-fearing older relatives.


Hopefully using the ideas above, your Christmas are often, while not ‘normal’, as close as possible to previous years’ celebrations given the circumstances.



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