Mi Smart Speaker Review in India

Mi Smart Speaker Review in India

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Is this the simplest smart speaker you’ll buy right now?



▪The Mi Smart Speaker uses Google Assistant for smart functionality.

▪The speaker features a single 12W full-range driver.

▪It’s loud, but the Mi Smart Speaker’s sound is occasionally a touch boom Priced at Rs. 3,000-5,000.

The Mi Smart Speaker is far cheaper than the Google Home Xiaomi began in India with smartphones, but its product range now extends far and wide to incorporate TV, laptops, smart home appliances, and audio products, etc.

After entering the competitive and popular true wireless segment Earlier, this year.

Xiaomi has now turned its attention to a different audio product segment that hasn’t seen an excessive amount of attention from brands outside of Google and Amazon: smart speakers.

The company 1st product here is the Google Assistant-powered Mi Smart Speaker.

Recently Launched the Mi Band 5 & Mi Watch Revolve, the Mi Smart Speaker is priced at Rs. 3,000-5,000 in India.

Mi Smart Speaker Review in India

Apart from access to Google Assistant & every one of its linked function, & service.

The Mi Smart Speaker also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi based Chromecast Audio connectivity.

Is that is an honest alternative to the Google Home and Amazon Echo series? Determine in our review.

¤ Mi Smart Speaker design and specifications : 

Although never as distinctly noticeable because the Google Nest or Amazon Echo series of smart speakers.

The Mi Smart Speaker is good-looking and well inbuilt its own muted and delicate way.

Mi Smart Speaker Review in India

It’s roughly an equivalent size because the Google Home and Amazon Echo (3rd Gen), and has similar sound output specifications also but at a price that competes with their smaller and fewer capable counterparts, the Amazon Echo Dot and Google Nest Mini.

The Mi Smart Speaker is formed of tough plastic & has small rubber legs at the bottom for grip.

The speaker isn’t overlarge or heavy, and is portable to an outsized extent, but does get to be connected to a wall plug for power; there is no built-in battery.

At the rear of the Mi Smart Speaker may be a single socket to attach the included power adapter; there is no wired input here, and you will need to believe either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to receive audio content.

The top of the speaker has 4 touch-sensitive buttons such as , volume up and volume down , play / pause , and microphone mute.

You’ll get to have the Mi Smart Speaker connected to Wi-Fi , but it’s possible to use Bluetooth for audio even without Internet access , provided you have paired it together with your source device already.

Setup is straightforward, and is accomplished using the Google Home app almost like how Google’s own smart speakers are configured.

You can use this app to link your Google account, connect the speaker to a Wi-Fi network, and link services like Spotify, YouTube Music, Ghana, and JioSaavn.

You can also let relations hook up with the speaker, and found out Google Assistant’s voice match functions for personalized responses.

Google Assistant works needless to say on the Mi Smart Speaker, with decent wake word recognition from even across the space at up to 12 feet (3.66 m) away


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¤ Mi Smart Speaker performance :

Smart speakers priced under Rs. 5,000 are typically a touch basic when it involves sound quality, like entry-level Bluetooth speakers.

This is what makes the Mi Smart Speaker so special; it offers performance almost like that of larger smart speakers, while priced comparably to an entry-level product.

With 12 W of sound output through it’s single big full-range driver, the Mi Smart Speaker is loud, and largely on par with the Google Home and Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) when it involves volume.

Mi Smart Speaker Review in India

I found the sound to be a touch plain and fewer refined than on the Amazon Echo (3rd Gen), with the Mi Smart Speaker sounding a touch boom at high volumes.

The single driver also means the sound stage may be a bit narrow.

That said, it is a safe sonic signature that’s comfortable and enjoyable in the least volumes, no matter whether you’re using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to fetch audio content.

The bass did tend to overpower the mid-range and highs due to the way the speaker is tuned, making the mid-range sound a touch dull, compared to the punchy lows.

Sound quality was a touch better on Wi-Fi than Bluetooth, but the difference wasn’t significant.

Google Assistant works needless to say on the Mi Smart Speaker, with decent wake word recognition from even across the space at up to 12 feet (3.66 m) away.

There were occasional misfires, but most of the time the speaker was ready to understand voice commands properly.

Google’s voice match feature means it can understand and respond personally to different users in my household.

While I used it in English, Google Assistant does add Hindi also, for those that could be easier thereupon language.



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