Porsche 911 GT3 Prototype 1st Ride 2021| Thrills to Return

Porsche 911 GT3 Prototype 1st Ride 2021| Thrills to Return


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We’re all remember that one present sitting under the Christmas tree.

However liberally the paper had been used, there was no disguising what it had been .

Bicycles are tricky like that. Bottles, too.

But often, faraway from dulling the anticipation, this data heightens the will to tear into the skinny layer of snowman-covered paper.


Which bike? Which bottle? What color?

I felt somewhat an equivalent standing ahead of a prototype of the new 911 GT3.

The wrapping during this instance was plain black, and although the badges had been masked, i do not think anyone would mistake it for a Lamborghini.

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Few details like, The back bumper, had been rather many effectively camouflages and, of course, I don’t have x-ray vision, so I had absolutely no idea what was beneath the bodywork. Tantalizing.

Thankfully, Andreas Preuninger, the person responsible of Porsche’s GT cars, often finds it quite hard to stay things secret, so he probably told me quite he should once I met him nearly Stuttgart’s for a preview of (and passenger ride in) the new 992 generation of the GT3.

You’ll hear him spilling an outsize portions of the beans if you’re watching the Carfection film that accompanies this piece, except for this feature, I will pull out a number of the highlights.

The new Porsche 911 GT3 is almost done and seems like fun


¤ The front suspension

This is the most important development for the new GT3, and it is a really big deal.

This may be the primary time that a road-legal 911 has ever rolled off a Porsche assembly line with a double-wishbone front suspension setup.

Historically, the 911 has always had a MacPherson strut front suspension, then it remains with the remainder of the 992 range.

However, since the primary 991 RSR was unveiled seven years ago, the top-tier racing 911 has had double wishbones at the front, then I suppose it had been only a matter of your time before it trickled right down to a number of the road cars.

The main reason for wanting double wishbones is that it can allow far better control of camber within the corners.

Essentially, because the car leans, the surface tire’s contact patch stays flatter to the tarmac, which suggests more grip more consistently.

The down-sides of DOUBLE WISHBONES with the front side of a 911 is packaging, but some how this has been resolved for the newest GT3.

Exactly how is one among those tantalizing details that we’ll need to wait a touch longer to seek out out.


¤ The rear wing

Since the primary spy shots emerged of prototypes testing, this is often probably the aspect of the new GT3 that has kept the web chattering most.

It’s fair to mention that the swan-neck rear wing is divisive within the way it’s.

Porsche 911 GT3 Prototype 1st Ride 2021| Thrills to Return

Preuninger is adamant that it’ll look fantastic once the camouflage is off and therefore the spars are revealed, but the overarching design will obviously remain. in fact it hasn’t been finished aesthetic reasons; it’s there for performance gains.

The under- or suction-side of the wing is really the harder-working side, and by keeping it completely clean it can work more effectively.

This enables the wing to possess less angle of attack and thus reduce drag, which is sweet if you discover yourself on the autobahn or attending a v-max day on an airfield.


¤ The weight

The new 992 may be a bigger car than the old 991, but Preuninger is extremely pleased with the very fact that the load remains an equivalent at around 3,100 pounds.

Porsche 911 GT3 Prototype 1st Ride 2021| Thrills to Return

This was achieved by various measures everywhere the car.

The rear glass is now the lightweight stuff found within the old GT3 RS.

The materials utilized in the inside are lighter. And even where things are heavier, there’s a reason; the quality steel front brake discs, for instance , have grown from 15 inches to 16 inches in diameter, but the load gain is “negligible,” consistent with Preuninger.


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¤ The engine and transmissions

The biggest achievement with the drivetrain is probably that there’s no real change.

I’m sure once the figures are released there’ll be a true performance gain, but we cannot be seeing earth-shattering numbers.


That’s an absolutely fi
great as far as I’m concerned, because to me, it’s far more important that the flat-six remains naturally aspirated and revs to the heavens.

I’m also delighted that there’s still the choice of either a manual gearbox or a dual-clutch PDK (seven-speed, not the heavier new eight-speed found within the remainder of the 992 range).

Porsche 911 GT3 Prototype 1st Ride 2021| Thrills to Return


There is obviously many concerns lately about how the addition of gas particulate filters affects a car’s voice, but I can assure you that the engine within the 992 GT3 still sounds utterly wonderful.

The slightly baleful howls of the flat-6 is gloriously, whether you are inside or outside the car.

So, there we are, a couple of the standout features of the new GT3.

The front suspension is what I’m most curious about experiencing, because from the passenger seat (you really can sit wonderfully low during a 992 if you want),

It seems like there’s a surprising amount more lateral grip than before, yet the ride also feels slightly more pliant.

When the wraps finally come off, we should always determine a touch more about both the straight-line performance and cornering ability of the car from acceleration numbers and a Nurburgring lap time.


What we cannot know until we actually drive it’s how the front suspension has changed (if at all) the sensation though the wheel — one among the foremost crucial elements of the GT3’s appeal.

Preuninger is adamant that we cannot be disappointed.

Now, I will leave you with another tantalizing detail that I glimpsed through a tear within the paper.

The first time you see a GT3 undisguised, I’m pretty sure it’ll be blue.



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